Ortho-Bionomy is a very gentle form of bodywork developed by Arthur Lincoln Pauls, D.O. It is educational way of working on the body and has been called the Homeopathy of bodywork in it's effect. Ortho-Bionomy looks at the different patterns that exist within the whole person. It helps to bring attention and awareness to those patterns to motivate change within the person. The different techniques used are gentle and safe and based on the principle of "non force". This helps to activate the inborn healing reflex within the person promoting a greater sense of well-being and personal integration.

Ortho-Bionomy® includes 7 Phases

Phases 1-3 concern the unconscious movement of the person while sleeping and awake. Phase 3 concerns the ability of people to self correct their structure as observed Dr. Arthur Lincoln Pauls.

Ortho-Bionomy® uses Phases 4-7 as developed by Dr. Pauls.

Phase 4 
is a complete system of bodywork that combines gentle contact of tense parts or areas of the body with movements that initiate self-corrective reflexes. Postural analysis and reeducation is emphasized as part of this phase.

Phase 5 
is a refinement of phase 4 and introduces a greater amount of expression and participation of the person's innate reflexes. In phase 5 the practitioner initiates the movements but the person's own reflexes guide the movement, position and pressure for relief.

Phase 6 
is auric field work which allows another level of self-balancing to take place. This happens thru the interaction of the practitioner's and the client's auric fields.

Phase 7
 is the projection of a mental pattern which, if the person accepts it, activates self correcting reflexes that promote specific postural changes or a general feeling of well-being and integration.

Indications for Ortho-Bionomy®

Tension, muscular pain from bad posture and or work habits.

Headaches, stress situations, insomnia

What can Ortho-Bionomy® support?

Supports the release and healing from trauma, accidents.

Supports the healing process after illness or surgery with resulting scars.

Supports relief of pain from postural problems like scoliosis, lordosis, kyphosis (spinal problems)

Ortho–Bionomy® brings:

A deeper understanding of the body and self
A more balanced energy flow through out your body system

A relief from daily stress

General well-being and relaxation

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